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Join the Next Generation of Latin American Tech Innovators with the Makers Fellowship

You can complete the application in English 🇺🇸
Puedes completar la aplicación en Español 🇪🇸
Você pode preencher a sua candidatura em português 🇧🇷

Our mission is to incubate the future leaders of the next 1000 startups in Latin America with a completely free program.

We bring you top training

Learn from founders and operators backed by the best

Fundraising school with Andrés.

Get direct advice and feedback from Andrés Bilbao how to structure a fundraising strategy.

Founder Mentality with Borja.

Learn from Borja, cofounder of Lemon Cash, how to change your mindset to scale your startup.

Growth Fundamentals with Auke.

Learn how Auke has helped startups like Crehana, Listopro and uDocz to scale.

Fireside Chat with Daniel Bilbao.

Have an honest conversation in a prive meeting with Daniel Bilbao, CEO of Truora.

Pitch Roasting with Enzo Cavalie.

Receive direct feedback of your deck and pitch from Enzo Cavalie.

Startup Mentality with Alex Gálvez.

Sketching is the cheapest way to test your ideas, our designers will help you to sketch out the whole flowmap and early test before spending any more investment!

Problem solving with McKinsey.

Learn how the top consultants at McKinsey are solving problems with training from them.

Launch your own dApp.

Learn how to start and launch your own dApp in less than one hour with Camila, cofounder of Makers.

How VC thinks with Fernando.

Listen from Fernando Rivera from BuenTrip the do's and dont's when talking to a VC.

Build your own AI assistant.

Nicolas Díaz is the CPO of Cerebrum. At Makers he teaches cutting edge technologies.

We're creating the program that young entrepreneurs wished they had earlier.

Startups are not for everyone, but everyone should have the opportunity to know that this world exist.

Many learned the hard way from the lonely path, making plenty of mistakes, but this shouldn't be the case for you.

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No fees

The program is completely free. You will never have to pay for anything.

For Latin America

We want to make a positive impact in LATAM, That's why we're dedicated to serving the entire region, from Mexico to Brazil.

For young people

We want to make a positive impact in LATAM, That's why we're dedicated to serving the entire region, from Mexico to Brazil.

Top network

Accelerate your knowledge, build an amazing community, and access a network of mentors and startups that will help you become a future tech leader

We're empowering all type of young talent

No matter what your background is, you will be able to surround yourself with amazing people.

Selection process

We run an intensive process to select the best talent from the region, no matter what their background is.

We accept applicants on a rolling-basis during the time the applications are open (April 10th to May 28th).

Applications are open

Applications for Makers Fellowship Cohort 3 will open on April, 10th, 2023.

First phase: Video

You will send us a video explaining why you want to be part of Makers and talk about you and your aspirations.

Second phase: Business Case, Coding Exercise, Startup Pitch & Reference Checks

You will have to solve a problem to verify your hard skills, either in business or in coding. Besides that, we will run a reference check.

Third phase: Interviews

If your application looks promising, you will have 2 to 3 more interview with different members of the Makers Team. This helps us to verify the program is a fit for you.

Applications closed

On May 28th 2023 applications will be closed. Any application after this date will be considered for the next cohort.

Fellowship onboarding

On June 19th 2023 we will being the 3-month program with all the selected fellows.

How does a cohort of makers looks like?

Month 1
Month 1
Month 2
Month 2
Month 3
Month 3
The Foundations
The Foundations

You will get initial training to become a great founder, coding or business fellow.

Create your support Network
Create your support Network

A big part of the success in your journey as founder or operator is surrounding yourself with amazing people. We will help you on this.

Accelerate your career or startup
Accelerate your career or startup

Once you have all the foundations, you're ready to start accelerating your journey.

Becoming a maker
Once a maker, always a maker

At the end of the program, you will receive guidance on how to be in touch of the community to be supported even after the program ends.

Build alongside a community mentored by top people.

Makers is a curated community designed to increase your odds of building a successful venture-backed company or career in startups. We onboard you with a 3-month program to help you set yourself for success.

Do you know someone that would be a good fit for this? Invite them to apply.

Do you someone that would be a good fit for this? Invite them to apply.

Frequently asked questions

You have the questions, we have the answers.

When is the next cohort starting?

Applications for the next cohort will be open from November 13th 3pm COL until December 22nd. We will start the next cohort on January 15th 2024.

What is Makers?

Makers is a completely free educational program and community for students who want to work in a high-growth startup or founders from Latin America who are under 24 years old.

Who can be a Maker?

Those who are 24 years old or under, Latin American who is looking to accelerate their career by joining a startup or becoming an exceptional founder.

What is the difference between the fellowships?

Business and Coding fellowships is better suited for students or recent graduates who want to be part of a high-growth startup.

Founder fellowship is better suited for those who are already building a startup. Even thought you can apply and join with just an idea, it's better if you have at least an MVP with early-traction.

What is the ideal profile for Business, Coding and Founder Fellows?

The ideal profile for Business and Coding fellowships are students under 24 who are in the last semester or just finished their undergraduate degree, or either pursuing or completed a certificate. And have at least 30 hours per week available for an internship.

The ideal profile for Founder fellowship are early-stage founders who have an MVP with early-traction, it doesn't matter whether VC-backed or bootstrapped.

Is Makers an accelerator?

No. Makers is not an accelerator. We don't invest or take equity. We offer an educational program and community for free.

Why is the program in english?

We're all over Latin America, from Mexico to Brazil. We don't want to exclude anyone, so most of our program is in English. However, if you only speak Spanish or Portuguese, you can apply and become a Maker.

Why is it free?

We have a strong belief that even if working for or founding a startup isn't for everybody, everyone should have the opportunity to be part of one or be a founder. We want to make our program as inclusive as possible.

I haven't heard back from my application

We're reviewing applications on a rolling basis. However, due to the number of applications it may take a while for us to answer.

I want to be in touch with you

Feel free to email us at